As the leading provider of professional mobile auto detailing services in Bethesda, as well as in other nearby areas (please see full list of service areas), Black Tie Detailing maintains the highest standards in every aspect of our business. From the actual services we provide to the way we deal with clients - rest assured that you’ll not only end up getting a showroom quality car but you’ll also enjoy doing business with us.

Black Tie Detailing offers an awesome selection of mobile car detailing packages. From our entry-level Standard Class service, to the best-selling Business Class service up to our premium First Class service - you’ll definitely find the right package for your car. To know more about our mobile car detailing packages, click here.

Our car detailing services are mobile to provide the most efficient and convenient services for your ride, anywhere you need it, whether it’s a residential, or office location, we bring the right car care solutions and diagnostics your car deserves.

All of our car detailing specialists have a wide variety of experience in detailing cars of all models. They are highly trained with the best detailing techniques, tools and procedures. Our full time detailing crew are certified and insured giving you peace of mind they are the best choice for your vehicle.

Have questions? Need a schedule? We are more than happy to help! Call us today on 240 245 2317 and speak to one of our seasoned detailing specialists for more information. We are always available to answer all of your car detailing queries. Not sure which car detailing package to choose? Get a complimentary car check and we will help you pick the right detailing package your car needs.